Lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a Bottle By Julia Petrov, Curator of Daily Life and Leisure July 31, 2021 In Alberta, we often say, “if you don’t like the weath
paragraph--width--medium, Three cans of tornado dust.
These were clearly gimmicky items, like the cans of “fresh mountain air” you sometimes see in gift shops, but were one of the few ways we could docume
paragraph--width--medium, An inside photo of an empty can
Despite this disappointing result, we can nevertheless learn a lot from even an empty can. We can see how certain weather events leave a lasting trace

History comes to Life

History comes to Life By Maria Nelson, former RAM Indigenous Student Museum Intern July 27, 2021 I grew up in a typical western-value based h
Script certificates were issued to many Métis applicants that could be redeemed for land or money to by land. In doing so, the government believed tha
Ceramics present an interesting dichotomy because they were common to own but could break easily as we lived a mobile lifestyle.

Bella Twin and the Grizzly Bear

Bella Twin and the Grizzly Bear, By Emma Knight, Assistant Curator, Indigenous Studies, and Lisa Kaiser, School Programmer Do you love a good story like we do? Today, from Amiskwac

Pride Month Reading List

Pride Month Reading List, By Terje Snow, Marketing Officer, and Julia Petrov, Curator Daily Life and Leisure, with contributions from the Pride Centre of Edmonton and Calgary O

Are these invasive or just introduced?

Are these invasive or just introduced?, By Sam Owen, Live Animals Assistant What is the difference between invasive and introduced species? Why are invasive species harmful? And why don’t

"Time to go, George!"

"Time to go, George!", By Matt Ostapchuk, Curator, Military and Government History June 23, 2020 Have you ever heard of the goldfish club? What about the cat