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A woman and her young child sit in the circular What Makes Us Strong gallery, looking up in awe at the screens above.

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Human History Hall


Sharing stories of who we are and where we came from.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Discover the inspiring personal stories of Alberta's unique, resourceful, and resilient people in our Human History galleries.

Experience our province through the eyes of Indigenous people – their innovative use of the natural world for survival in ancient times, their artistry and spirituality, and the tenacity with which they kept their culture alive during colonization. Marvel at a 1,600-year-old roasting pit in which Blackfoot people cooked a feast. Learn more about the intricate floral beading techniques used by Métis people, and diverse materials Indigenous people used to construct canoes for water travel. Bear witness to the poignant, often difficult narratives that come as a result of the First Nations' contact with European settlers.

Connect with history through personal accounts from Albertan mink farmers, pioneer farm wives, families of soldiers from both World Wars, and so many others who have shaped our province. Their stories illustrate the diverse, dramatic, and exciting ways that our province has transformed over the years. Meet Molly the Mercury, carefully restored to highlight Alberta's love affair with the pickup truck. Shout out your best yeehaw! as you explore an exhibit on cowboy culture. Dig in to objects related to the golden age of the Edmonton Oilers, as well as a Newfoundlander working up in the oilsands.

Ancestral Lands

For thousands of years, Indigenous people have lived in all parts of Alberta. Explore their ancient lifestyles on a journey through time over an immense landscape. Discover how Indigenous people maintain strong connections with significant places and stories of their past.

Worlds Meet

Encounter personal stories and multiple perspectives of the achievements and tragedies of the cultural and economic exchanges between Indigenous people and European newcomers from 1680 to 1880.

After the Buffalo

After the Buffalo presents the stories of people who experienced first-hand this time of dramatic change. Discover stories of resistance and resilience, suffering and hope, in Alberta between 1859 and 1900.

Alberta Forms

Step inside stories from the 1880s through to Alberta becoming a province. See how economic activities transformed the landscape, culture, spiritual beliefs and political activities of the people who lived here.

Alberta Transforms

Enter post-1945 Alberta and witness a province in transition as we wrestled with population growth and oil activity, and embarked on new discoveries in the arts, archaic attitudes towards healthcare and the awakening of equal rights.

What Makes Us Strong

Examine how Alberta's various Indigenous communities share knowledge and values, passing them down through generations to make us strong. This gallery brings together displays developed in collaboration with Indigenous people and communities in Alberta.

"The circle connects us to our past and to our future. We call on the ancestors to be with us, and we think of the children of the future."
–Alvine Mountain Horse, Kainai educator.