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A mother and her child play in the Children's Gallery.

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Children's Gallery

The Children’s Gallery is temporarily closed. We look forward to playing with you again in the future! 

Created for our youngest visitors, the Children's Gallery celebrates the importance of play and bringing learning alive. Children can engage in free play, self-discovery, and authentic exploration with real objects, tools, and materials. This welcoming space is accessible and engaging for children of all interests and abilities.

A fun learning environment

Curiosity and active engagement lead children on a journey of discovery - making connections to the museum, our collections, and their own sense of wonder. Uncover the past in the Dig Pit, explore motion with the Big Machine, create a symphony of sound, perform in the Chautauqua, imagine and build in the Makerspace. There's so much to explore and enjoy. The Children's Gallery exhibits and activities were created for children ages eight and under to explore and learn in a unique space just for them.

Children, caregivers, and families are invited to go on a learning adventure together, as they play and discover stories about Alberta.

The Children's Gallery is an amazing place to have fun! With 7,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, discovery areas, and creative spaces, this space appeals to the young and young at heart. Huge floor to ceiling windows, vibrant graphics, and colourful exhibits create a rich, welcoming environment that will engage the senses and inspire curiosity in a fun way.

The Gallery is designed with children at the centre of the experience. The exhibits and experiences are created to acknowledge and honour developmental levels and learning styles of young children. They reflect that children are capable learners who have a strong voice and learn best by interacting with the world around them through play based, hands-on discovery, and investigations.


Discover nature, enjoy hands-on fun, and learn about Alberta as you create your own adventure with exciting displays and interactive exhibits. Learn about Alberta's natural history, weather, and explore our environment. Experience wonder in the cave, test out the wind wall, travel at the transportation table, or cuddle up with a good book in the reading nook. You can also move material through the Big Machine, create a symphony of sound, or reflect on your discoveries at the gigantic light table. There's so much to do! And look closely, you might see an animal peering down at you!


Dig, discover, and inquire as you search out clues to Alberta's past. Discover how archaeologists uncover stories of people and the past. Learn how palaeontologists unearth mysteries of animals and creatures of long ago. Try it out, dig for your own treasures, analyze your findings, and share your stories in a fun and engaging way.


Play, explore, and enjoy fun from a little one's perspective. Learn and play along with your toddler as you explore this safe space together. Build a tower, climb a mini mountain, or just enjoy some quality tummy time. There's so much to do for parents, caregivers, and toddlers under three.


Explore your inner performer as you sing, dance, dress up, or put on a show in the Chautauqua. Based on the travelling public education and entertainment venues of Alberta's past, the Children's Gallery Chautauqua invites you to enjoy a story, activity, demonstration, or just have fun as part of a playful performance.


Come explore ideas, learn new skills, and enjoy some great hands-on fun using real tools, authentic materials, and recycled objects. Make a machine, build a tower, create a masterpiece, or discover how things work. This is a space that stirs wonder, where you can test ideas, and discover the relationship between materials and process.There is always something new happening here. The Makerspace is a special place in the museum for connecting ideas, discovering processes, inquiring, and bringing active learning alive. The possibilities are limitless as you imagine, create and explore.


Communities and people are what makes Alberta strong. Come in, make a connection, and join our community of playful learners.

You are invited to engage and explore in this space that is inspired by artifacts and objects from the past and present. Our Community Gallery is the place to play, explore, create, and share your own special stories. Come discover toys and playful objects from our collection. What will you play with today?

The importance of learning and playing together

Parents and caregivers are such an important part of the museum experience for a young child. We encourage you to have fun, play, and enjoy exploring the gallery together. Follow your child's lead as they navigate the space and see what captures their interest or excites them most. Help your child be a learner, develop language, be curious, and grow in their understanding of the world around them. Engage your child in conversation, ask questions, play together, and most of all, have fun!

We've created a Children's Gallery Manifesto to celebrate the fun!

Children's Gallery Manifesto

Join in the fun. Come on and play
Go in circles or squares–there's no "right" way
Let your mind sparkle and your body dance
Go ahead and explore–take a risk, take a chance!
Use real tools to discover and build
Sit and daydream, be amazed and thrilled
We are creators so let's all design
Grownups too; don't get left behind
Be a scientist, storyteller, farmer or bear
Play with the wind. Imagine and share
Let's get going, get messy, and inspired
It's okay to get dirty, silly or tired
We'll learn and grow in our own way
As we discover the wonders of play

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