Tue — Sun
10 am – 5 pm

Vikings: Beyond the Legend

April 18 – October 20, 2019

Row a Viking ship, wield a sword and feed your curiosity for the explorers, traders, farmers and artisans who changed the course of history. Vikings: Beyond the Legend is the largest touring exhibition of Viking artifacts in the world. It's an immersive experience surrounding 650 artifacts ranging from exotic jewels to three Viking warships, including the 37-metre Roskilde 6, the longest Viking warship ever found, featuring approximately 1,000 year-old wooden planks and metal supports showing the ship's original lines. Striking multimedia and 11 interactive stations bring this historic exhibition to life.

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Highlights include:
  • The Roskilde 6, using 25% of the original, preserved planks
  • The full-size, six-metre replica ship Joanna, built with Viking Age techniques and materials
  • A "ghost ship" sculpture of hanging iron replica rivets from a burial ship
  • A full-scale replica of the Jelling Rune Stone often called Denmark's birth certificate
  • Unique artifacts like "Thor's hammer," Ulfberht swords and the Hevring Flak rudder
  • Elaborate jewellery and coins
  • Hands-on activities highlighting traditional clothing, the rune alphabet and Viking games
  • Interactive components including an opportunity to pick up a precise replica of a Viking Age sword to feel its weight and balance
  • An augmented reality rowing experience that lets visitors test their ability to maintain the rowing cadence of a Viking ship

Warning: Strobe lights are used in this exhibition.

* Admission to Vikings: Beyond the Legend is included in regular admission and Mammoth Passes.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend is on loan from the National Museum of Denmark. The exhibition is a joint venture between and produced by The National Museum of Denmark and MuseumsPartner in Austria.

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