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Virtual Visits

Explore our collection – in 3D!

Sometimes, a diorama is so realistic, you feel like you can climb right inside the scene. And now, you can - digitally! Check out our 3D models of dioramas and objects from the collection on Sketchfab. Zoom in, click around, and go inside history.

Tour the Learning Collection

What do a mammoth tooth, an oil lamp from the 1800s, and a pizza costume have in common? Join us for a tour through the Learning Collection to find out. If you've always wanted to go behind-the-scenes at RAM, now's your chance!

Tour the Dermestid Beetle Lab

Ever wondered how we get skeleton specimens so... clean? Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek into the dermestid beetle lab with Dr. Corey Scobie to find out!

Tour the Quaternary Paleontology Collection

Have you ever wanted to peek inside our cabinets full of Ice Age fossils? If so, you’re going to want to check out this virtual tour: the Quaternary Paleontology collection! This collection boasts over 40,000 specimens, ranging from 100,000 years ago, to 10,000 years ago, from Mammoths, to giant sloths, to horses. 

Tour the Bug Hatchery

Spiders and millipedes and beetles, oh my! We went for a virtual tour through the Bug Hatchery with the Live Animals team: Peter Heule, Brody Bergen, and Sam Owen. Come check out some bugs with us!  

Tour the I Am From Here exhibition

Whether you know her from her acting, make-up artistry, or modeling gigs (hello GWG Jeans!), you've likely heard of Pamela Parker. But did you know a number of the stories in the I Am From Here exhibit feature members of Pamela's family? Come along as Pamela takes us on a tour of this fascinating space!

At-Home Activities

How to make chocolate poops for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day? How about making these animal poop chocolates inspired by the real poop of iconic Alberta animals!

Build a banjo and jam out!

For as long as we know, humans have been making music. The urge to make music is so strong, that through time people have been resourceful, crafting their own instruments using unique and unexpected materials.Follow in the tradition of these musicians, and make your own instrument! Use your own creativity and design your own using whatever materials you have, or try making our DIY banjo.

From rags to ringlets

The texture of your hair is down to genetics: the shape of your hair follicles, and the protein bonds in each strand of your hair determines the degree of curl in it. There’s not much you can do about your hair follicles, but throughout recorded history, humans have invented ways of curling their hair using heat, moisture, chemicals, or sheer force to tighten or relax the protein structures. Read our blog to learn more about the history of hair curling, and how to curl your hair with rags!

Squish it flat!

A green world is all around us! Botanist study this world by collecting and documenting plant species to learn about things like plant variation, the fascinating relationships between plants, and even fluctuations in plant distribution due to environmental changes.  Visit our blog to discover more about the botany collections at RAM, and how to start pressing your own plants!

Eat like a soldier

Hardtack. It sounds like something you would find at a hardware store, but it’s actually a biscuit that has sustained sailors and soldiers for centuries. Typically made of three simple ingredients – water, flour, and salt – the biscuit is baked, then left to dry and harden. The result: a long-lasting and durable (but rock-hard) biscuit.

Buttons! Small, but mighty

Buttons have a very long history. For as long as there has been clothing, it would seem that buttons were used to hold two pieces of fabric or fur together. Through time, people have used different materials to create new versions of this very simple, but noble object. Did one of the buttons on your favourite vest come off? Let this cute bear show you how to fix it!

Nature's weavers

Weavers have been making cloth for thousands of years, but birds have been weaving nests for much longer. If you look out your window, you might see a bird collecting supplies for their home. Amazingly, birds are quite resourceful, using all sorts of materials you wouldn’t expect. Be inspired by our feathered friends! Learn how to make a simple loom and weave using found materials from in and around your home.

An old-timey skill for a modern need

Sewing is still considered an essential skill. The machines that have often been passed down are sitting patiently, waiting to stitch again. Dust off that machine, and learn how to make a face mask!

Making do: socks for playtime

Long before the days of mega toy stores and next-day shipping, many children’s toys were made out of materials found around the house. And since we’re all discovering new crafts and skills these days, we’ve created a fun tutorial for how to turn an old pair of socks into a sock mammoth!

Quizzes & Games

What musical instrument are you?

We could all use a little music in our life, right? It's time to get the band back together What musical instrument best aligns with your personality? Take our quiz to find out!

What vintage toy are you?

What could be more vintage than old toys? Dolls, trains, and teddy bears - which one suits your personality? Choose the answer that best suits you for each question below to find out!

What vintage cooking tool are you?

Whether you frequently cook up four-course meals, or you’re more talented with simple recipes (anybody want some toast?), everyone’s gotta eat! So, which vintage cooking tool most aligns with your personality? Take our quiz to find out!

What's your rodeo style?

The Calgary Stampede may have been cancelled this year, but that doesn't mean you don't still have the rodeo in your heart! As you eagerly await next year's Stampede, an important question comes to mind... what will you wear?

What Ice Age mammal are you?

Lions, bears, mammoths, and… camels? We had ‘em all, right here in Alberta, during the Ice Age. But which one are you? Take the quiz to discover which Ice Age creature you are the most like! 

What mineral are you?

Shine bright like a diamond! Or, maybe you’re more of a quartz? Only one way to find out: take our quiz!

What bug are you?

Are you a tough guy? A master of disguise? Do you have a million legs? Only one way to find out: Take our quiz!

Moe's Mammoth Rampage

Only 10,000 years after the end of the Ice Age, Moe the Mammoth has finally joined the internet.

Moe’s Mammoth RAMpage arcade game is now online. Use the space keys to help Moe hop over obstacles as he races through the museum, collecting precious objects along the way. See if you can beat Bertie the Albertosaurus’s high score!

Join Moe on a mammoth adventure

Moe the Mammoth is a curious RAM resident, and he's searching for his missing friend, Bertie the Albertosaurus! Where in the museum could she be? Download our free activity colouring book to help him find out.

Remarkable Stories

Why are these yellow birds turning red?

Join Dr. Jocelyn Hudon, RAM Curator of Ornithology, as he digs into this strange, colour-shifting phenomenon. Why is it happening, and what could it mean for the future of these birds?

"Time to go, George!"

Have you ever heard of the goldfish club? What about the caterpillar club? Edmontonian George Aitken gained entry to both of these unofficial clubs in one (dangerous) fell swoop during the Second World War. Find out how!

The mysterious gemstone button box

During the move downtown, RAM staff discovered some strange – and extremely fancy! – boxes. Boxes with no keys, and no way to open them. What could their purpose be? The answer might surprise you.

The most unique teeth in the world

You probably feel like you know what dinosaur teeth looked like, right? Carnivores like the T-rex had sharp, pointed teeth. Herbivores had flatter teeth, similar to humans. But there’s one species of dinosaur that has teeth unlike any we’ve ever seen. In fact, they’re different from any other animal ever. Find out more, on the blog.

The fitted sheet: an Alberta invention, and folding nightmare

Did you know the fitted sheet was invented in Alberta? Even more surprising, did you know there is a simple way to fold a fitted sheet, aside from the balled-up-in-the-linen-closet approach? Learn more about this Alberta bedsheet legacy, PLUS learn how to fold one properly, on the blog.

The mysterious unicorn specimen

Back in 2013, a team of geologists came upon a number of strange, helical forms. Could these be fossilized unicorn horns? Shark poop? Giant snails? Find out, on the blog.

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