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World Rock Day - Polyjesters Rock Concert

Three men in western wear and hats perform music. The man on the left has a short beard and is playing guitar, the man in the middle has sunglasses on and is also playing guitar. The man on the right has long hair and a long beard and is playing an upright bass.

Location: Theatre
Time: 12-12:30 PM and 1-1:30 PM
Cost: Free with Admission
Age: All Ages

In a special partnership with Jubefest, RAM will be rocking out for World Rock Day with a free concert by The Polyjesters.

The Polyjesters were created by brothers Jason and Sheldon Valleau on a park bench in Holland and developed on the streets of France. Planning to busk just for the summer, they ended up getting caught in a swing vortex amongst many other talented players. It was there that they began stealing from the best of the best to become part of the Poly family. 3 years had passed where they went from street performances to playing private parties in Monaco including for the Prince himself. Eventually home was calling as hard as immigration was pushing and the boys returned home. They immediately took to stealing the best band mates close to home, releasing four albums, three of them original with ever changing styles and toured these albums back and forth across North America, England and Japan, doing several stints at Epcot Centre. They became a little road weary and decided to bring the party to them, creating The Mountain View Music Fest which lasted a grand 10 years. The boys found themselves on other paths of music and comedy for the past couple of years but are now blowing on the embers, about to fire up and leave no genre ungrooved. The best has been dusted off, new songs are in the mill and The Polyjesters are about to push the red button.

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Rocks are all around us and have helped humans survive and thrive on earth. Come to the museum to celebrate rock day!

Conduct rock experiments, visit a rock petting zoo, create your own pet rock, and enjoy a rock concert by The Polyjesters!