There’s the Ice District…and then there’s the Ice Age District

Nathalie Batres, Marketing Officer


Ancient animals and crumbling bones

Christina Barron-Ortiz, Assistant Curator


We’re bringing the world to Alberta!

RAM Staff


CAT-ch me if you can

Corey Smereka, Mammalogy Assistant


Museum’s famed “finger rock” gets a spit polish

Carmen Li, Head of Conservation


Jars of Dead Things

Hanako Nagao, Marketing Assistant


Why Bugs? Interview with Peter Heule: The Bug Guy

Hanako Nagao, Marketing and Events Intern


Dragon’s mouth: a new orchid discovery for Alberta

Varina Crisfield, ABMI


Treasure is everywhere for taxonomists

Dr. Diane Haughland, ABMI Lichen Specialist


A Closer Look at the Naturalist’s Study

Alwynne Beaudoin, Curator