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Goatman, Alberta’s folk monster 

August 28, 2020

Growing up, I attended a summer youth camp at Hills of Peace, a campground nestled into a prairie hollow halfway between Czar and Consort. My earliest memories of the camp include rolling hills, the cool lake, quaint cabins, and the monster that terrorized it all: Goatman.

We never saw him, but we heard his tale every night after the glowing campfire had been doused. A maniacal ex-logger with a makeshift goat leg, as scary as he was, he was beloved. He was our monstrous mascot, covertly celebrated and rarely acknowledged by the adults in the light of day.

As an adult, I wondered how and why the Goatman haunted those hills? After years of investigation, I’ve discovered that Goatman’s territory stretches far beyond Hills of Peace.

In this episode, we track Goatman across the province, find out why campers tell his tale, and reflect on the importance of summer camp folklore.

Thank you to Angie Jenkins, Kirk Boote, and Shaina Humble.

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Intangible Alberta is a production of RAM, in partnership with the Strathcona County Museum & Archives.

Hills of Peace photos

Episode music:
Blue Dot Sessions - Campfire Interlude; Bedroll
Lobo Loco - Evening Campfire; Place on my Bonfire
Purple Planet Music - Space Journey

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