A colourful sign that reads "2022. Tinker Garage. Du bricoleur"

DRIVE: Reimagining the Ride

Tinker Garage


Take a pit stop during your visit to DRIVE: Reimaging the Ride, and check out the Tinker Garage!

This hands-on family space is filled with supplies and inspiration for having fun and designing your own creation.

Be a mechanic and design your own creation! Draw roads to anywhere! Make your own test car obstacle course! Visitors of all ages can explore and express their creativity through themed activities, exploring their own dreams and imagination. 

Visit again and again – each month the activity in the room will change.

This month's activity:

Draw a World

Pick your favourite car in the DRIVE exhibition and draw the place it will travel. Does it drive, swim, or fly? On the road, in the ocean, or beyond the sky?

Three pieces of paper feature funky vehicles in pencil crayon coloured worlds - an amphibious car under water, a solar car soaring through space, and a red tractor waiting for it's environment to be coloured in.

Upcoming activities:

  • October – DIY Obstacle Course
    • Imagine you are a car at driving school! Build your own obstacle course and show off your moves!
  • November - Roads and Ramps
    • Left and right! Side to side! High and low! Build your roads and ramps. How fast will you go? 

Please note: The Tinker Garage activity schedule may be subject to change. Stop by to see what we're doing today!