Quilt of Belonging: A Place for All

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Quilt of Belonging / Fibres du Monde


June 16—September 6, 2021

263 cultures, 36 metres, 1 monumental tapestry

The internationally touring exhibition, Quilt of Belonging / Fibres du Monde is back in Alberta!

This collaborative textile art project celebrates the diversity of Canada, with 263 blocks portraying the rich cultural legacies of all Indigenous Peoples in Canada and every world nation.

Each of these 263 groups produced a piece of fibre art, with the textiles, techniques and symbols that represent its cultural beauty. Styles and materials range from gold embroidered silk to tapa cloth, from miniature carpets to bobbin lace, from beaded hides to oshie.

In this textile mosaic, each person can experience a sense of belonging and find a place in the overall design – there is “A Place for All.” Together, they record history in textile, illustrating the beauty, complexity and sheer size of the human story.

Quilt of Belonging is included with your general admission. Advance tickets are required.


Discover the Quilt block by block by regions of the world: