Tue — Sun
10 am – 5 pm

Live Viking Demos

Learn to live like a Viking! Join us for demonstrations of various Viking Age crafts and tools over the coming weeks.

Viking Age Instruments Demonstration

Saturday, September 14
11:00 am — 3 pm

Experience the sights and sounds of functional, ritual and entertainment instruments from the Viking Age! Join Viking Age musician and instrument specialist, Janina Carlstad for demonstrations, live music and displays of historical instruments such as bone flutes, Jouhikko or Tagelharpa (bowed 3 string lyre), bukkehorn (billygoat horn), birch bark lur and Jorvik panpipe.

The Viking Age Instruments demonstration is included with your daily admission.

Weapons and Battle Demonstration

Sunday, September 15
1 pm and 3 pm (two shows)

Odin's Ravens Viking Age Re-enactors are back for another epic battle on September 15. Head upstairs to the theatre for a weapon and battle demonstration from the Viking warriors, before grabbing a weapon of your own to take on the Vikings!

The theatre doors will open 30 minutes prior to the performance, and seating is limited. Be sure to arrive early!

The Weapons and Battle Demonstration is free to attend.

Stay tuned for more demonstrations to be announced. These Viking Age demonstrations are included with your general admission.

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