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Building completion—August, 2016

Construction of the new museum is complete! We celebrated this major milestone on August 16, 2016 with a ceremonial oak tree planting at the downtown building on the northwest corner of 103A Ave and 97th Street. Among the guests: Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture & Tourism; Darlene Bouwsema, Deputy Minister, Culture & Tourism; Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation; Randy Boissonnault, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage; and Ernestine Tahedl, the artist who created the Tahedl mosaics we preserved and reinstalled at the new museum site.

Museum staff are working tirelessly to prepare the exhibitions in the new building and move the more than two million accessioned objects in our collection. We anticipate opening at the new building in 2018.

Closing—December, 2015

Nearly 36,000 came out to visit our Glenora galleries one last time on and take part in our 48-hour closing party on December 4-6, 2015. What an amazing 48 hours to celebrate 48 years of RAM! Visitors shared thousands of memories with us-we're excited to make even more with you in our new home in downtown Edmonton.

Follow our journey to opening the new museum on social media using the hashtag #MuseumOnTheMove

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Transition plans (Notice)—December, 2014

Transitioning the Royal Alberta Museum from the current location to our new downtown facility is a big job that requires time and specialization. Aside from moving millions of artifacts staff continue to dedicate countless hours to developing the new galleries that will inspire and educate.

In order to accomplish this monstrous task, the museum will reduce its operations beginning September 8, 2015 and closed the galleries as of December 7, 2015. December 2014 marked the beginning of the museum's final year for gallery visits at the Glenora location.

Bringing the Alberta story to life! (Blog)—October 2014

Behind the scenes work undertaken by staff, engagement panels and individuals to ensure a culturally appropriate and respectful approach to presenting the values and traditions of all groups whose stories will be told.

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It's Electrifying! (Blog) – October 2014

This is the "Fire" installment in a three-part Earth, Wind & Fire blog series. A building's electrical system is akin to the nervous system in a person's body. Learn more about the intricacies and design features for the new museum building.

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Gallery Design and Development (Blog)—August 2014

The overarching design concept is an interwoven narrative between nature and man. The rectilinear forms of the museum's layout hold historical significance.

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Mechanical Engineering (Blog)—August 2014

This is the second in a three-part series that showcase the efforts of the structural, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, affectionately named, Earth, Wind & Fire. The focus here is on mechanical engineering or "wind".

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82,000 Square Feet (Blog)—June 2014

Populating more than 82,000 square feet of exhibition space is a little more difficult to follow than is the building of the physical structure. The new museum will comprise 18 distinct galleries over two floors.

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Structural Engineering (Blog)—June 2014

This is the "Earth" installment of a three-part Earth, Wind & Fire blog series. Your new museum is being created by a process called "Integrated Design". It's a collaborative approach that involves all key stakeholders in the building design process from concept to completion.

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A Sustainable Design Approach (Blog)—April 2014

Because the museum has a mandate to collect and preserve Alberta's natural and human heritage, it makes good sense to advocate for environmental stewardship.

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Start of Construction (Media Event)—February 7, 2014

An Aboriginal blessing even took place prior to the start of construction of the new Royal Alberta Museum. The new RAM site is within the territory of Treaty 6 and that the museum is home to extensive Aboriginal collections, an Aboriginal blessing was an appropriate component. Aboriginal Elder Francis Alexis, a Historian with the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and a highly respected ceremonialist who has been working with RAM staff on the planning for a new Alberta History Gallery, offered the blessing.

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A Mammoth Recycling Job (Blog)—February 2014

The care taken during the demolition stage is part of a bigger initiative called LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It's a rating system that recognizes excellence in sustainable building design and construction practices.

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Museum Memories / Demolition of Post Office building (Media Event)—September 23, 2013

This day marked the beginning of structural demolition of the Canada Post Office building. On this same day, new site hoarding was also revealed. It was designed to capture Alberta highlights through vintage postcards, and officially launched the "Museum Memories" campaign. Albertans were asked to share their memories of the Royal Alberta Museum through postcards that were made available throughout Alberta during Culture Days and were downloadable through the museum's website.

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Removal of Post Office Mural Mosaic (Media Event)—October 15, 2012

The removal of nine mosaic murals from the outside of the post office are being preserved and incorporated into the outside of the new Royal Alberta Museum. The murals by artist Ernestine Tahedl, terrazzo flooring and Tyndall limestone panels have also been reclaimed from the old post office building and will be part of the new museum's pedestrian boulevard and courtyard café.

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Ledcor Design-build wins Competition (Announcement)—September 14, 2011

Competition for a design-builder generated high international interest, including submissions from two Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architects. In the end, the project was awarded to a local team, Ledcor Design Build (Alberta), which comprises the builder, Ledcor, and the architectural firm, DIALOG.

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Design-build Competition (Announcement)—April 6, 2011

Premier Stelmach announced that a new Royal Alberta Museum would be built in downtown Edmonton. An international design-build competition was launched, ultimately attracting high international interest, including submissions from two Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architects.

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