Royal Alberta Museum
visitors since 1967

New Museum

The multiple-year journey to our new location in the heart of Edmonton's downtown arts district is well underway!

As a landmark cultural institution, the new Royal Alberta Museum will be the largest museum in western Canada.

Our new building...

... will be a permanent, welcoming, accessible and contributing member of the community, a place where stories will be told and memories will be made.

... will feature expansive natural and human history wings chronicling the history of Alberta’s people and landscapes.

... boasts double the exhibition space, creating more opportunities for visitors to interact with the museum and with each other.

... will stimulate additional tourism activity and ensure Edmonton and Alberta are represented with a stronger presence on the cultural map as an attractive destination.

... will create memorable experiences through thought-provoking exhibitions, and offer powerful programs and excellent services.

... will fuel our ongoing thirst for knowledge, insight, and inspiration surrounding the rich mosaic of our people, our landscape, our past, and our future.

Come along for the journey! The galleries at our Glenora site are now closed, but you can stay connected with the museum through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram including our #RAMwow sneak peek social media campaign, signing up for Museum News, and visiting our website often for updates.