Royal Alberta Museum
visitors since 1967


Twice the size of former museum site

Largest museum in western Canada

419,000 square feet in total

82,000+ square feet of exhibition space

An exceptional place to celebrate the heritage and the stories of Albertans

A major tourist destination

Able to meet international museum interior climate standards, opening the door to hosting outstanding feature exhibitions

Behind-the-scenes work more visible

Improved services - shop, café, outdoor patio, group arrivals area, and expansive outdoor gardens

Environmentally friendly - will meet LEED Silver standard at minimum

Architecture reflects the culture, diverse landscape, regionalism, and spirit of Alberta

Education and public programs will reflect visitors' desires for a unique, rich, and rewarding experience

Drop-off area for school buses

Approx. 3,000 parking stalls for visitors within a 500-metre radius downtown (though public transportation will be encouraged)