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Museum on the Move FAQ

New Ram Project

We expect the new museum to open in 2018. Construction of the new building is complete, and museum staff are working hard behind-the-scenes to prepare the galleries, as well as outfit the café, gift shop, theatre and offices. Once complete, the new RAM will be one of the province's greatest cultural attractions and the largest museum in western Canada, as well as an integral part of Edmonton's Arts District. Stay tuned for updates via our website and social media.

The new museum is located along 103A Avenue between 97 Street and 99 Street in the heart of Edmonton's Arts District.

A total of $375.5 million will be invested in development of the new museum including $253 million from the Alberta government and $122.5 million from the federal government Building Canada Fund.

The Alberta Government made the decision in 2011.

We recognize that many of our visitors appreciated the onsite parking available at RAM's Glenora location. While there is no onsite parking at our new location in downtown Edmonton, the museum is within walking distance of more than 3,000 public parking stalls, 40 bus routes, and five LRT stations. Find more information on getting downtown here at You can also plan your trip using or calling 311 for route and schedule information.

The museum also has a dedicated drop-off location for buses and large groups, and is working with the City of Edmonton to ensure close drop-off for visitors with disabilities near the main entrance.

By doubling the amount of gallery space in the building and adding new amenities such as group arrivals, lunchrooms and activity rooms we will be able to more than double the number of students/school groups that can be in the building at any one time.

No. We do currently offer memberships called 'Mammoth Passes' and we also work closely with the Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society but membership is not required to visit. We are open to all Albertans.

Yes. The details of this have not yet been finalized.

New galleries in both the natural and human history wings will tell Alberta's incredible archaeological and cultural stories, from changing landscapes to First Peoples to where we are today.

In addition to galleries devoted to human and natural history, the new museum will have a feature gallery for rotating exhibitions, an expansive Bug Room, an interactive children's gallery focused on learning through play, and a space dedicated specifically to the Manitou Stone.

There has been extensive input and consultation, including a 24-person indigenous advisory panel. The panel includes representatives of Treaty 6 on whose traditional land the museum is situated, who came together shortly after the new museum project was announced. Outside the scope of the new museum project, the Royal Alberta Museum consults with indigenous peoples on an ongoing basis about many different matters.

We continue to communicate during our transition time through digital channels, primarily social media, our website, and e-newsletters. As we get closer to opening at the new site, we will increase our presence through a number of marketing initiatives and activities.

Current Location

The museum has outgrown the Glenora site. The new location will be about twice the size of the former museum and will provide direct access to the LRT and major bus routes.

No firm decision has been made about future use of the former museum facility. Government House will continue to function at the Glenora site and the historical buildings such as the Carriage House will be kept.

Alberta Infrastructure is ensuring due diligence by looking at all options, including reusing or repurposing the facility. This includes connecting with Albertans to help make an informed decision. You are invited to submit any inquiries you may have about the Glenora site by visiting

It's important to note that while the Glenora site may look quiet outside, inside RAM staff are busy preserving and moving tens of thousands of artifacts - a move that's expected to take until 2019 or 2020 to complete.

Transition Plans

Construction of the new building is complete with an anticipated opening in 2018. Museum staff have been working hard behind-the-scenes and will now begin installing thousands of objects, and outfitting the café, gift shop, theatre and offices. Once complete, the new RAM will be the largest museum in western Canada.

The transition is a big job. With more than double the space in the new museum, staff has refocused efforts from operating a museum to developing and building the new galleries. On top of gallery development, staff will physically pack up and move thousands of artifacts. This is not a simple move. The artifacts have unique requirements...which take time. Care and attention needs to be taken when extracting, conserving, acclimating, transferring and installing all existing and new artifacts.

There will be a large number of objects that must be pulled from the current exhibitions. This task must be completed using machinery and a number of workers on scene. With the galleries essentially becoming a construction zone, this poses a number of safety risks at any given time. When it comes to visitor experience, the fact is that once many of the dioramas have been moved there won't be much of anything to see.

While the museum is physically closed, behind-the-scenes museum staff are busy working with collections and doing research to continue to bring you fascinating and intriguing stories about Alberta's heritage. Our presence remains strong in the community and across Alberta. We are also sharing our stories and treasures online.

#RAMwow is an online photo campaign showcasing objects that will be on display in the new museum, as well as the conservation techniques used to preserve and care for these objects. Posted weekly to social media (Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter), each "wonder" gives you a mini-preview of the stories our new museum will tell. You also get to play a guessing game with a detail shot of each "wonder" before the full image is revealed.

RAM Out & About
You can connect with the museum out and about in your community as we try out ideas and prototypes for new programs. Help us make the new museum the best it can be by trying out some of the activities we have planned for our new downtown home. Our upcoming events are posted on the Royal Alberta Museum website at:

Curatorial Lecture Series
Our popular series continues in 2017 with a new suite of lectures. Connect with RAM curators as they share new discoveries and discuss past and current projects. Details coming soon.

As a Government of Alberta facility, all trade or building services are acquired through a competitive bid process. Interested firms should register with Alberta Purchasing Connection under their industry code(s). You will not only receive information on services required by the museum, but all relevant Government of Alberta contracts. Please visit

Facility rentals at the Glenora location are no longer available as we prepare for our move to the new location Downtown. We will begin accepting bookings for the downtown location once the new museum has a confirmed opening date. If you are interested in receiving information about facility rentals in the new museum, please go to the Facility Rentals page to sign up for updates.

The first priority is to move artifacts that are going on display at the new museum. This will be done primarily by our own museum staff and specialized movers. Moving services will be acquired through a competitive bid process. If interested, please register with Alberta Purchasing Connection.

Front-of-House jobs for the new museum (admissions, cashiers, café, gift shop, education, public programming, interpreters) will not be filled until Summer/Fall 2017. Available opportunities will be posted on the Government of Alberta website: To apply for a job, click on the "apply now" button and follow the directions. All applications go directly to Human Resources. Do not send your resume directly to the museum. We are unable to screen or forward your application.