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Reminiscing Kits

Individuals, families, clubs, and schools have made excellent use of these kits which value and support the collective efforts of our community in remembering its’ heritage. Each thematic kit contains carefully selected artifacts, which may be handled by participants and lends itself well to storytelling and group discussions.

At Home on the Range

Alberta continues to have the romance and mystique of the old west. Artifacts from yesteryears (and a few new “relics” thrown in!) bring back memories of what life used to be like – when the cowboys had nowhere to go and all day to get there!

All in a Day’s Work

Through the years homemaking has been remodeled several times. Take the time to think back to when planning for long winter nights meant making candles, chopping wood, knitting and mending woolen wear. What do you remember from times gone by?

Childhood Memories

What child doesn’t dream for weeks about a gift from Santa, or hope for a special item on a birthday? Here are just a few of the pastimes and treasures that have amused children over the years… from pocket-sized trinkets to the hottest items in the Eaton’s Catalogue.

Picture This

A snapshot from our collection... camera equipment, developing tools, movie reels and more! This is a compilation of cameras and equipment that was used by both amateurs and professionals. Say “Cheese” and look at the way the past was snapped.

School Days

Peek into the past and recall memories as student in the classroom, on the playground and at kitchen table doing homework! Which teachers and what lessons stayed with you through your adult life?

The Workshop

The workshop has been both a source of inspiration and necessity over the years! The familiar tools bring back times and projects long forgotten. Who are the people you know who created gifts, repaired items or simply enjoyed the creative process of “puttering”?

Loan Duration: 1 week rental period. Kits must be picked up and returned to the museum.
Cost: $30 per week plus $30 damage deposit due upon pick-up.

Advance bookings are required.
Please book Edukits and Reminiscent Kits in advance by emailing

Thank you for your interest in our programs. We are thrilled about our future plans and look forward to offering you and your class exciting experiences in our new building!

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