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Edmonton Film Society Movie Series

The Edmonton Film Society is a nonprofit group dedicated to keeping the "silver screen" / Hollywood of yesteryear in the public eye. Four series, each consisting of eight movies organized under a particular theme, are presented annually. Each movie is preceded by a short, informative talk about the film. Screenings are normally held Mondays at 8pm in the Royal Alberta Museum's Auditorium.

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Winter 2017
Enduring Stars

February 6, 2017 – April 3, 2017

Here a Star, There a Star, Everywhere

The big screen demands big stars, people that can act and that have charisma. Also, it doesn't hurt if they exhibit distinctive, perhaps endearing, verbal and physical characteristics. With that in mind, we present the aw-shucks fella (James Stewart), the blonde sizzler (Marilyn Monroe), the tough guy with a lisp (Humphrey Bogart), the delicate charmer (Audrey Hepburn), the Western hero who walks like there's a cactus spike in his boot (John Wayne), the perky thrush (Doris Day), the debonair gent (Cary Grant), and the face that launched a thousand magazine covers (Grace Kelly).

The five stages of most actors' careers are: Who the hell is Joe Schmo? Get me Joe Schmo. Get me a Joe Schmo type. Get me a young Joe Schmo. Who the hell is Joe Schmo? Stages one to four applied to our stars to some degree but with their captivating ways before the camera and regard for their audience, and with the critics having been duly impressed, these screen legends never had to worry about memory loss on the part of the public and film historians.


February 6 at 8 PM (1955, colour, 107 min., PG)
Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra
A musical remake of The Philadelphia Story, and Kelly’s last film before she became a real-life princess. She finds herself in the middle of a comic mess when her ex-husband drops by for her upcoming new wedding. The confusion melts the ice princess’s frosty exterior. Music by Cole Porter.

Director: Charles Walters.


February 13 at 8 PM (1957, 130 min., PG)
Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier
This sly romantic comedy makes marvelous use of its Parisian settings. Chevalier is a private detective hired by a playboy to find the mysterious girl who saved him from an embarrassing situation. The investigator tracks her down, only to discover it’s his daughter.

Director: Billy Wilder.


February 27 at 8 PM (1941, 100 min., PG)
Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino, Arthur Kennedy
Bogart’s a criminal just released from prison who knows he’s got one more big job in him: a jewel heist at a resort. But his new gang is inexperienced and Bogie suspects there will be trouble. A gripping portrait of a desperate outlaw on the run. Script by John Huston.

Director: Raoul Walsh.


March 6 at 8 PM (1941, 99 min., PG)
Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Dame May Whitty
Fontaine hopes to escape the yoke of her rigid, wealthy parents by heeding the attentions of a new suitor. After marriage she becomes suspicious: is he just after her inheritance? And what about that nightly glass of milk he delivers? The tension peaks with the careening drive down a twisting road.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.


March 13 at 8 PM (1965, colour, 122 min., PG)
John Wayne, Dean Martin, Martha Hyer
Among the most popular of Wayne’s Westerns. He’s the eldest son, reunited with his three brothers at his mother’s funeral. The boys begin investigating the death of their father despite being warned off by the local sheriff. Vigorous, energetic drama.

Director: Henry Hathaway.


March 20 at 8 PM (1956, colour, 120 min., PG )
James Stewart, Doris Day
A doctor and his family take a vacation in Morocco. While walking down a street, a man stumbles and dies in the doc’s arms. Soon the family is accidentally involved in a political assassination plot, concluding with the famous climax in a concert hall and the crash of cymbals. Song: “Que Sera, Sera.”

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.


March 27 at 8 PM (1949, 106 min., PG)
James Stewart, June Allyson, Agnes Moorehead
The popular recounting of the life of Chicago White Sox pitcher Monty Stratton who lost a leg in a hunting accident yet returned to play baseball. One of the most popular of Hollywood’s baseball films, it features some notable big leaguers in cameo roles. Allyson plays the supportive wife.

Director: Sam Wood.


April 3 at 8 PM (1954, colour, 91 min. PG)
Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun
Filmed on location in the Banff-Jasper area. After serving a prison term, Mitchum is on the way back to his farm in the Canadian Rockies. He stops at a saloon and takes note of the blonde songstress. Their fates proceed to intertwine. Well done North-Western, and good fun.

Director: Otto Preminger.