photo of a fish from the collection




The museum's Ichthyology collection contains specimens from all of the fish species, both native and non-native, that call Alberta home (and some that don't).

The collection was established in 1987 by the museum's first Curator of Ichthyology, Mark Steinhilber. It has grown into one of the largest Ichthyology collections in Western Canada and is still growing.

The collection provides an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and scientists, and provides all Albertans with a tangible documentation of fish diversity and distribution in the province.

Specimen loans are routinely provided to learning institutions across the province in order to foster fish identification skills and enhance courses on fish biology and morphology.

Specimen loans are also provided to scientists and students for use in their research activities.

The preserved specimens in our collection are also used in outreach events and in-house Museum Schools, where we can provide unique hands-on learning experiences.

We work closely with other government institutions to ensure the fish populations and aquatic ecosystems in the province remain healthy and intact.

The Ichthyology department at the RAM is always happy to answer any fish related questions or concerns that you may have.