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The Royal Alberta Museum is a place where you'll find a history of Alberta you won't find anywhere else. The new building offers museum staff more space and opportunity to create a visitor experience that invites curiosity, encourages inclusivity and grows understanding.

The new museum features expansive natural and human history halls chronicling the history of Alberta's people, animals, and landscapes, an expanded Bug Gallery with visible hatchery, and a Children's Gallery specifically designed for hands-on learning through play.

You can expect to see some of the familiar artifacts from our former Glenora location that you know and love, along with objects from our collections you've never seen before. The new galleries are built with an object-first approach, meaning you will be better able to connect and engage with each artifact and specimen on display.

Indigenous stories are interwoven throughout all six human history galleries in the new museum, one of which is dedicated specifically to contemporary First Nations and Métis narratives.