old map of downtown Edmonton

About the Museum

History of Location


The new museum is located at 9810 103A Ave NW, Edmonton, on the grounds previously occupied by a Canada Post office and distribution centre. We've incorporated many elements of the former post office into the new museum, including:

  • Preserving the stunning Ernestine Tahedl mosaic murals, commissioned by the federal government in 1966 for the post office, on the façade of the Royal Alberta Museum building, which also happens to be in their original location.
  • Repurposing three decorative screens that hung above the post office tellers into art located throughout the museum.
  • Hanging the iconic post office clock on the museum's south-west façade, in approximately the same location it previously occupied.
  • Reclaiming unique terrazzo flooring and Tyndall limestone panels that were from the post office and are now revived in the outdoor courtyard of the museum's outdoor café.

The museum also pays homage to the historic streets that used to run through the space the building now occupies. The two outdoor courtyards, named Fraser Courtyard and Isabella Courtyard, reference the historic Fraser Avenue and Isabella Street.