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Alberta Communities: Then & Now

created in 2005

Alberta Communities: Then & Now is a virtual exhibit developed to give a lasting presence to a collection of important stories and photographs from Alberta community museums. These stories were first collected and showcased as a part of the 2005 Alberta Centennial Celebrations in an exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum and a special edition of Alberta Museums REVIEW that was distributed free to museums, archives and libraries in Alberta and Saskatchewan and to visitors to the Royal Alberta Museum. The virtual exhibit is available in English and French. Note: The large images in this exhibit appear in a pop-up window. If you have your browser configured to block pop-ups, you will not be able to view these images.

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Alberta's Fish Diversity

created in 2006

Visit our fish diversity website; an image-based exploration of the ecological interactions among Alberta's fishes. Produced with the support of the Alberta Conservation Association, this site displays the diversity of Alberta's fishes and discusses the role of each species in a healthy aquatic community. Photographs of both game and non-game fishes were chosen specifically to promote a sense of connectedness with our aquatic neighbours. Understanding and caring about our natural resources is the first step in preserving biodiversity.

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Chop Suey on the Prairies

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Eggs - A Virtual Exhibition

created in 2006

Eggs - A Virtual Exhibition is the closest you may ever get to seeing wild bird eggs without disturbing birds at the nest. This virtual exhibit showcases eggs of the world with a special emphasis on the eggs of Alberta. The Royal Alberta Museum hosts one of the most extensive egg collections in North America. We have an on-line field guide with over 300 egg images as well as information on egg biology and a touch of egg trivia. The exhibit is available in English and some components are available in French. This exhibit is featured by the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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Finding Our Way Home

created in 2002

Once an integral part of the western Canadian landscape, the traditional wood grain elevator has all but disappeared. In 1934, Alberta boasted more than 1,700 grain elevators; as of March 2002 there were only 161 of these industrial buildings left and more demolitions slated as rail and grain companies continue to consolidate their holdings. The grain elevator's disappearance from the landscape signifies the dramatic changes that are taking place in Alberta's grain industry and family farm operations.

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Genghis Khan: Treasures of Inner Mongolia

created in 1998

In 1997, the Royal Alberta Museum was the last stop on a world tour of an exhibition that featured archaeological treasures from one of the greatest empires in history.

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Master Guide to the Warblers of Canada

created in 2001

This presentation uses specimens of the warbler family (Parulidae) in a new and innovative way. Museum collections offer the chance to get close to birds in order to look at the finer details of plumage and size not only for professional biologists but also for bird banders, carvers, and bird enthusiasts.

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Piece By Piece: The GWG Story

created in 2010

The Great West Garment Company (GWG) was established in Edmonton in 1911 and by World War II GWG was the largest workwear manufacturing company in Canada. Visit this dynamic website to see and hear the stories of the workers and changing denim fashion through text, videos, artifact images and vintage advertising material.

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Rise of the Black Dragon: Cultural Treasures from China

created in 1999

Through artifacts and video footage of recent archaeological investigations, Rise of the Black Dragon: Cultural Treasures from China (October 9 1999 - January 9 2000) traced the history of northeastern China and its people over 6,000 years. The central piece of the exhibition was a reconstruction of the interment ceremony of a high-ranking Jin Dynasty noble, discovered in 1988. The exhibition featured 187 artifacts from Heilongjiang Province, China, which had never been viewed outside Asia. Get a glimpse of these artifacts through this virtual exhibit.

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The Poster War: Allied Propaganda Art of The First World War

The Poster War exhibit contains forty-six posters selected from the collection of the late Theodore Elizabeth Wright Macgillivray. These posters represent some of the work of Allied poster artists and the best work of their Canadian counterparts during the First World War. The exhibit is available in English and French.

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Virtual Collection

created in 2006

Take a look at some of the fascinating specimens and artifacts in the Royal Alberta Museum's collections! The Virtual Collection uses three-dimensional virtual reality to display actual photography of real artifacts in the Museum collection. Visitors can view, rotate, and zoom-in on three-dimensional objects to examine them closely. Available in English and French.

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