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the massive lake and how beautiful it was under autumn leaves and stormy skies. The lake was crucial for mink ranching as it provided fish to feed the mink and ice to cool the fish, ” Levitt says.


CAT-ch me if you can

Corey Smereka, Mammalogy Assistant


Museum’s famed “finger rock” gets a spit polish

Carmen Li, Head of Conservation


Jars of Dead Things

Hanako Nagao, Marketing Assistant


Why Bugs? Interview with Peter Heule: The Bug Guy

Hanako Nagao, Marketing and Events Intern


Dragon’s mouth: a new orchid discovery for Alberta

Varina Crisfield, ABMI


Treasure is everywhere for taxonomists

Dr. Diane Haughland, ABMI Lichen Specialist


A Closer Look at the Naturalist’s Study

Alwynne Beaudoin, Curator


Pelicans of the Slave River

Mark Steinhilber and Jocelyn Hudon


A Fascination for Feathers

Jocelyn Hudon, Curator of Ornithology